Short Doc

Directors: Filipe Zapelini & Douglas Bernardt
Cinematographer: Lucas Oliveira
Production Manager: Marina Hecker
Executive Producer: Amadeu Caringi
Producer: Juan Ossa
Editor: Gabriel Honzik
Sound Editor: Thiago Damant
Colorist: Mauricio de Oliveira
Music: Butterfly Jar by Origamibiro, Come Around by Second moon of Winter, The Last of Us by Gustavo Santaolalla, K&F Thema by Apparat

Special Thanks to: Rodrigo Mellado Donoso, Pancho, Fabiano Rodrigues, Everton Behenck, Marco Bezerra, Marcio Callage, Tiago Vanigli, Pedro Bertelli, Pretto, Gustavo Gripe, Fabio Canale, Alfredo Barros, Carlo Taffarel, Santa Trasmedia, DM9 Sul, Olympikus, Denovali Records, Chut on Vous Écoute

Cristian is a Paralympic champion from Chile who lost his sight at the age of 12.

This short documentary is a tribute to his person and his legacy. The combination of strength, will and sensitivity.