An independent skateboard project created by Will Dias and Filipe Zapelini

"If a tree falls in the forest and no one is near to hear, does it make any noise?" This is a fundamental question for a philosophical and mental experiment that raises doubts about observation and knowledge of reality.

If Will was not realized this work would exist? It is in this context that Filipe Zapelini becomes essential - without his gaze "the essence of this reality would not have been perceived by reason."

by Francis Bacon


Starring: Will Dias
Director: Filipe Zapelini
Cinematographer: Mika Altskan
Photographer: Ricardo Napoli
Illustration and Animation: Guilherme Arduin and Marcello Akira
Motion Graphics: Rafa Cézar
Edit: Filipe Zapelini
Colored: Sid Pires
Curator: Francis Bacon
Producer: Jacob Gottlieb
Soundtrack: Fantasia, 1940 and Zimbo Trio, 1964
Sound Design: Thiago Gautério


C.J Ahlgren, Fernando Branco, Francis Bacon, Gabriel Honzik, Guilherme Krolow, Jacob Gottlieb, Juliana Vargas, Lennon Vallinas, Licia Arostegu, Marcello Akira, Mika Altskan, Rafa Cézar, Raul Carrasco, Ricardo Napoli, Rodrigo Pires, Santa Transmedia and Sommwhere Gallery