When you see someone running in Jamaica, every step carries inspiration.

There, track and field is not just a regular sport, it’s passion, dedication and truly being devoted.

Eternal Father bless our land
Guard us with Thy mighty hand
Keep us free from evil powers
Be our light through countless hours
To our leaders, Great Defender,
Grant true wisdom from above
Justice, truth be ours forever
Jamaica, land we love

Directed by: Filipe Zapelini and Douglas Bernardt
Cinematographer: Lucas D. Oliveira
Producer: Marina Hecker
Editor: PUDIM
Colorist: Lucas Moesch
Sound: Satélite
Soundtracks: ''William Basinski - Watermusic II'', ''Kuj Yato - Clap! Clap!''
Production Company: Santa Transmedia
Special Thanks:
Gustavo Gripe, Amadeu Caringi, Gabriel Honzik, Leo Coutinho.
DM9Sul, Marco ''Loco'' Bezerra, Marcio Callage, Everton Behenck.
Kito Siqueira, Danilo Abraham.